I have a lot of clothes, but I only wear like 8% of them so it looks like I have none.


But I won’t wear the other 92% because I look ugly in them.



I need time for me, just me, no one else.

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45 months with this guy❤

Last night🙈👭👯

"If you know someone is not available, respect their relationship. Be considerate and do not get in the way. Don’t flirt; lead any one on in the hopes that one will leave their partner for you. Respect their boundaries. Don’t purposely give him/her compliments just to lead them astray. Although true love cannot be broken, it is still disrespectful to try and win over what is not yours. Two people in love are a sacred thing."


Hello :)

Bilib ako sa mga kasabayan ko noon dito na active pa rin hanggang ngayon.

Na-miss ko na naman dito bigla.

Kumusta? :)

Na-miss ko magbalandra ng pagmumukha namin ni Carl dito. Hahaha. :D

Someday you’ll find the right person, and you’ll learn to have a lot more confidence in yourself. That’s what I think. So don’t settle for anything less. In this world, there are things you can only do alone, and things you can only do with somebody else. It’s important to combine the two in just the right amount.

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do you ever go through those phases where you just don’t feel like talking to anyone for a few days and it’s not because you’re mad or anything you just don’t feel like talking???

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